Young African American girl playing the French Horn with two other musicians of color blurred behind her and playing the same instrument

Establishing an overarching brand to advance BIPOC classical musicians.

Downtown Tulsa Partnership logo featured at the center of an illustration against a teal background. Illustrated buildings of Tulsa landmarks are placed around the logo.

Intersecting the energy of eight unique districts into one vibrant downtown.

Newman Paperboard business cards featuring both the front and backsides of the card.

Refreshing a 100-year-old brand with an American heart and a contemporary soul.

The word TWISTED featured in black against a bright pink background. The "W" in Twisted is graphically warped.

Whirling up an LGBTQ identity with a twist.

Photo of two women seated with microphones. They are on a stage with a STIMSON branded blue backdrop behind them.

Redesigning a visual system with flexibility and ease of use.

Red arrow enclosed in a red circle pointing up